Wednesday, 15 February 2017

We Supply Gold Coast White Deco Dust to Commercial Contractors, Trades and the Public

This Natural Material is ideal for Pathways, Ornamental Gardens and various uses.
Due to the composition of the material it compacts to almost maximum compaction.

Gold Coast White Deco available from Gold Coast Gravel Supplies click link below
Gold Coast Deco

Monday, 29 August 2016

Turf supplies Gold Coast

Turf By Gold Coast Gravel Supplies

Create your perfect lawn with our premium Turf and screened soils, Our team can prep supply and lay inquire today.

Sir Walter Buffalo     $12.00m2 orders over 50m2 plus $99 delivery

 35mm thick slabs. 

Sir Walter Buffalo is the ultimate Australian name in turf grass.Sir Walter Turf grass will grow in the shade just as easily as it will in full sun, and it has a lush, mild green colour and a soft, broad leaf. It is recommended for all lawnsboth commercial and domestic in nature.
Needing just two to three hours of sunlight per day, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf can grow in areas where other grasses fail, and it can also be mowed at a variety of heights to suit your circumstances. Its slower vertical growth rate means Sir Walter grass requires less frequent mowing than similar turf varieties.
Sir Walter Buffalo Turf has firmly planted itself as Australia’s favourite lawn, with over 35 million metres being sold since it was first introduced in 1997. Why has Sir Walter grass become so popular? Without a doubt, Sir Walter grass has proved to be the best performing lawn turf for our harsh Australian conditions, from the cool tablelands, the dry west to the tropical north. No other lawn turf combines such a comprehensive range of attributes into one easy-to-care-for variety. Weed free, drought tolerant 10 year LSA Sir walter Performance Warranty included.

Nullarbor Green Couch $6.20m2 orders over 50m2 plus $99 delivery.

25mm thick slab  

Nullarbor Couch, selected as the very best performing couch for your home lawn, sporting surface or commercial project. Nullarbor Couch is the couch variety that is best suited to your region and is the perfect choice in couch grass.
Nullarbor Couch is your perfect choice to produce a manicured lawn that stands out.Nullarbor Couch will give long lasting performance in full sun areas.
Nullarbor Couch is widely used as it makes a good environmentally friendly surface for your yard, playing field or parkland area when frequently mowed every 5-7 days in summer. Nullarbor Couch produces a very dense turf that is an attractive luscious green colour. Nullarbor Couch has been researched, evaluated and trialed for the past 20 years.
Nullarbor Couch grows best in full sun, and requires at least 5-6 hrs sunlight per day
Nullarbor Couch is the perfect choice for work, rest and play.

Lawn Launcher $35.00   
Whatever your lawn type, Lawn Launcher is the ideal starter fertiliser. Whether your lawn is a premium grass such as Sir Walter or a common lawn type, such as Couch, Buffalo, Kikuyu, Zoysia, Tall Fescue, Bluegrass or Ryegrass, the combination of high quality fertiliser and moisture magnets water crystals, will ensure a great start for your new lawn Lawn Launcher is perfect for newly laid lawns, when you're establishing a new lawn from seed or when you're planting out a new garden.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Gravels for trade


                   Save with our low Construction prices 

                         #Goldcoast Trade and Construction will save with these great prices


Call today to save on Sand Gravel Soil Mulch

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

     Gold Coast Gravel supplies.... Sand Gravel Soil Mulch

Tight access no problem, We have the right vehicles for the job. Our small tipper delivering drainage gravel at stage 2 Robina town center. for all your materials.

Call us Today for all your Gravel and drainage needs, We deliver loads from 1m3 up to large commercial quantities.

We also supply Sands, Gravels, Roadbase, Garden Soil, Organic Soil,Top Soil, Under turf Soil, Mulches and Turf. 

Phone 0411 41 31 21.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Garden Soil for the Gold Coast

              Organic garden Soil for the Gold Coast

Our Garden soil is getting very popular , It is full of nutrients, manure and blended from a sandy soil for an extra bonus. 

The mix bonds well and plants and veggies take to it like a baby to a bottle. 
We have found that many customers are switching away from the garden soils that are primary made from compost full of nasties and are lacking a loam for plants to establish themselves in. 
The general feedback we receive is that the PH levels are high and the garden beds sag and need filling back after only a week, Due to the lack any body in the product.

Good luck for you our Organic soil has a healthy organic body with a PH of only 6.2 you cannot do wrong by your plants with this mix.

We have more on our soils on our Website.

Quality ‪#goldcoast‬ Organic Garden Soil being delivered to a Customer who specialises in Landscaping large development projects for national Companies.
100m3 delivered of a 220m3 order the boys are quick to load it up.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Coarse washed Sand

Sand Gravel and Soil Suppliers Quality Sands at discount prices delivered on time every time. 

Call today for sand prices 0411413121


  • Gold Coast Washed Coarse River Sand

    Screened washed medium coarse river sand, cheapest on the Gold Coast. Washed River Sand is also Commonly used for mixing concrete Horse arena Sand for the Gold Coast equestrians, areas where drainage is a problem, as a base under our under turf Soil for that perfect bowling green lawn.

  • Fill/Bedding Sand

    Put under pool liners. Can also be used to sweep between pavers & mixed with concrete powder to fix cracks in concrete. Screened to be used under slab or to fill level and prep areas for final landscaping. Fill sand is a natural blend of sand that is screened. This is a material used primarily for under slabs and fill. There is no organic matter added to it and it compacts very well. Fill sand can be worked by hand. As it is generally used as for under pavers concrete and with lawns, it will need to be top-dressed with a soil before a garden or lawn is planted. Fill sand can be used for back-filling holes or trenches where good compaction is required (e.g. where something will be built over the filled area) or filling in areas by hand that other soils are too expensive for.
Soil suppliers Gold Coast We supply the best screened garden soil, turf soil and commercial soil available. We will beat any other Soil prices delivered of the same quality product. Call today 0411413121 or check out our website  
  • Soil gold Coast

    Under Turf Soil

    Under turf soil for the Gold Coast and Tweed heads. Our premium quality blend under turf Soil is perfect for Under Turf it is screened to eliminate contaminates and will keep your lawn looking great for years to come. Support your turf with the best to help it thrive with this organic under turf. Organic under turf is a great alternative to some commercial blends as it does not contain chemical ingredients such as herbicides, fungicides or pesticides.
  • soil

    Top Soil

    Screened topsoil ideal for lawn or under turf Top soil is the upper, outermost layer of ground, usually the top 5.1 cm to 20 cm. It has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms and is where most of the Earth's biological soil activity occurs. Our Topsoil mix is a sandy loam blended to keep that perfect lawn.
  • Garden soil

    Organic Blend Garden Soil

    Our Grower Choice is a perfect blend using Premium soil mixed with a seasoned compost. Very popular with Market Produce Growers. Rocket fuel for plants. This is a rich blend packed with nutrients that allows aeration and increased water holding capacity. It contains soil, manures, graded ash and composted organics. The organic components in this blend are designed to make it versatile so that it can be used in all types of garden beds. Suitable for vegetable gardens.
  • clean fill

    Cheap Under Turf/clean fill

    Great for unwanted holes and site levelling Clean Fill screened 10m3 delivered from $250 Screened Soil fill perfect as subsoil before Topsoil application Soil Fill is a great option to other fill materials price per meter cubed.